Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Mixtape 2015 (Club Mix)

Finally!! A House/Club classics mix as we close out May... #MisstheoldNYC

Monday, May 18, 2015

Tech issues...

Kinda upset today as I was ready to drop May’s mixtape this weekend, but come to find out both my CD burner AND my CD drive on my desktop computer are not working. The way my setup is at home is I record my mixes on a CD burner, then when I’m done I put the finished CD on my computer’s disk drive so I can convert it to a MP3 file. I know it’s probably pretty old-school style by today’s standard, but it’s something I’m just used to doing. My burner had been acting up for awhile, so I’m not really surprised about that. But what did surprised me was the disk drive on my computer not working. And believe me I’ve tried a few things to get it to work, but so far no such luck. So I guess I’ll be calling up a computer tech real soon to get that fixed. And as for a CD burner, if anyone out there wants to get rid of theirs or knows someone who is selling one for a reasonable price (or a trade) please holla at me so we can work something out

UPDATE (5/24):The computer issues has been resolved, now just working on getting a new CD burner (hopefully soon)..

UPDATE (5/25): Looks like i should have that mix done and posted by this Saturday, if no setbacks :)